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We’ve literally had such an amazing week!

We’ve literally had such an amazing week!

Hi Lisa,

We’ve literally had such an amazing week! Since implementing the changes Mr B has slept through 4 whole nights out of 5 so far, sometimes he cries out in the middle of the night but has been able to settle himself all but once.

He’s getting used to the new routine and not waking until 6:30am and is drinking most of his bottles and really agrees with the food/bottle mix we have now. I was super impressed when i had to work late last night that dad was able to follow the routine and he went down no problems! Plus he even slept through the garbage trucks at 5:30am this morning which always causes him to wake up.

The routine is simple, easy to follow and is working for him, i always thought routines had to be complicated so thank-you for giving us the right tools to ensure we don’t have to keep shushing and patting and have music and do 100 things to get him to sleep. The other bonus is that he’s also so much happier and cheekier within himself and has got another tooth the past few days and because he’s sleeping better it didn’t affect him the way it usually would which is do amazing!

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