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My daughter was 9mths old when I contemplated getting some help with her sleeps. She was feeding twice a night which was a pretty normal thing however I thought she didn’t really need it and it was more a comfort thing. I changed my mind a million times over the next two months, one day I was desperate for help the next day I could cope with it. Then one day it clicked and I thought enough is enough.

I had been in contact with Lisa early on (when my daughter was 9mths) and the question that she asked me then was, “was I in a place where I thought change was needed” at 11mths, YES change is what I needed, as my daughter had decided to feed 3hrly overnight.

We booked an in-house consultation and I counted down the days until Lisa arrived. On that Tuesday morning I was both excited and nervous but when I saw Lisa’s friendly face at the door I knew I had made the right decision. We chatted for a couple of hours with cake and coffee and discussed a plan that would suit my daughter. The following day an extensive plan arrived with research to accompany what we had discussed. I was armed and ready!!

Wow, what a pleasant surprise, our plan ran really smoothly from day one. There were some tough moments but because I was mentally prepared I was able to get through them and Lisa’s support, encouragement and guidance was detrimental to our success.

I now have a baby that sleeps through the night (put to bed at 7.30pm and I have to wake her every morning at 7am). It took three weeks for her to form this new routine and the entire time Lisa celebrated my successes, constantly checked in on me and was incredibly supportive.

I will be forever thankful for everything Lisa did for my family. A kind natured, fun, dedicated, knowledgable, supportive and encouraging mumma/lady/sleep guru!! THANK YOU!!

Oh and I should also add my daughter now has two 1.5hr naps where I have to wake her each time. She has become a sleeping CHAMPION!!

If I have any advice it is don’t hesitate to contact Lisa but ensure you are committed and ready to make a change because consistency is the key.

Katrina, Melbourne

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