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I’m pretty convinced that Lisa was sent by the sleep gods!! We’d endured 11 months of sleep deprivation with our little Frankie and it got to the point where I knew we needed help to remedy the habits and patterns we’d created. She was waking anywhere from 2 to 5 times a night and would only accept me to comfort her, most often by feeding her back to sleep and things had started to get out of control, I was forever shouting at my 3 year old son and I’d started to doubt my ability as a mother and felt very much like I was on the edge, anxious and drained. We engaged Lisa to help guide us to getting Frankie to sleep better, longer and also more solidly as her naps were extremely sensitive to noise.

Lisa gave awesome tips and tricks to try straight away and ones that were easy to implement, on day 2 alone Frankie managed a 3 hour morning nap which goes to show how much she was sleep deprived too! Lisa also guided us every step of the way and worked with Frankie’s personality in to how best to promote more sleep. In just over 2 weeks we’ve had 4 sleep throughs of 11 hours, she now has 2 solid day naps which don’t require rocking to sleep and whilst she’s having those my 3 year old can be his noisy, energetic self, the dogs can bark, hell, I can even put the vacuum on and she sleeps through the lot! Another wonderful change is that my husband can now put Frankie to sleep in the evenings and I get to read to my 3 year old. We are a functioning family with many more happy smiles in this house since we took Lisa’s help. I highly recommend her if you are having troubles with your little ones sleep.

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