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I am a stay at home mum with a nearly one year old daughter. My husband works one week on and one week off. I was beyond tired and thought there was no way anyone could help us now. Miss A would only sleep on the couch during the day after having a bottle. During the night she would sleep in our bed and still wake up 4-5 times a night until I cuddled her or sometimes fed her back to sleep. During this time she would only go to sleep on me and would not settle for my husband. I couldn’t even have a nice shower because if she woke up, she would scream until I came and got her from her dad!! We were in a downward spiral and we were all sleep deprived. During the day A would be extremely moody as she was so tired and we found it hard to go anywhere. 

So enough was enough. Sure I was skeptical about a sleep consultant but knew something had to be done! My husband although very supportive had his doubts also. So I came across Cherish Your Sleep on a Facebook Forum and thought I would give it a go…couldn’t hurt right?? As we were not in the locality to have a home visit we had phone calls and skype sessions instead. This is when our lives started to change. Lisa goes through absolutely everything that you need to know about getting your baby to sleep! So many things that didn’t even cross my mind that contribute to a sleeping baby! Lisa gave us a fantastic sleeping plan to use and follow. 

So we started….thinking it was going to be a very long drawn out process. The methods started on a Wednesday night. Thursday we had our first “sleep through” couldn’t believe it!! Day sleeps are also in her cot and she is having 3-4 hours during the day!! Miss A has continued to sleep through the night and her day sleep are perfect. Let’s just say that her Dad is now a big believer in sleep consultants and letting all his mates know how good it is!

If you are wondering whether or not Cherish Your Sleep can help you….it can!!! Contact Lisa today, we are regretting we didn’t sooner. Her knowledge and support is amazing and the regular check ins reassure you are not doing it alone. The difference a well slept baby can make in your lives is beyond amazing!!!

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