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I contacted Lisa in desperation as my then-8 month old sunk deeper and deeper into sleep regression hell! The only way we could put him to sleep was by doing a very special, highly irritating routine of bouncing on a fit ball while swaying side to side, patting his bum with one hand and repeatedly saying ‘sh sh sh shhhhhhh… sh sh sh shhhhh’. I dare you to try doing all that at once! It would take him upwards of 40 minutes to fall asleep, at which point we would ninja tip-toe out of his room, praying to avoid the creaky floorboard that was sure to wake him.

All of this was for an hour or two of night sleep, at which point he would wake crying, and we would have to go through the whole shebang again. Again and again and again. The kid woke every hour until 2am, at which point it was party time until around 4am. Hell. Absolute hell. We created some serious sleep associations so it wasn’t even his fault! We were on the verge of serious sleep training, but I thought to contact Lisa before we committed to it.

She was a God-send! We had a long, in depth Skype conversation, during which she gave us a ton of useful tips, which I implemented immediately. We blacked out his room, cranked up the AC and rugged him up nice and warm, put on the white noise and started a gentler type of sleep training. One gem of a piece of advice was to wake him up at the same time every morning – it really sets the day schedule well! – and to make sure he gets sunlight after each sleep. Walks outside did everyone a world of good.

A month on and our little dude isn’t a PERFECT sleeper but he puts himself to sleep for every single nap and night sleep! No bouncing, no swaying, no shhh-ing, just a kiss and put him into his cot. If I never see a fit ball again, it will be too soon. He really gets it now as well – as soon as I put him in his sleep sack, he rubs his eyes and buries his face into my shoulder. Yes, there are nights he still grizzles and whines but there are also a TON of nights where he coos for a few minutes and then falls asleep. Just like that. There really is no nicer thing in the world than your kid going to sleep on his own, with minimal fussing.

Lisa still emails me every couple of days to just check in and fine-tune any issues we are going through. She answers each of my hundreds of questions promptly and is always so helpful, understanding, and encouraging. Sleep training isn’t fun for anyone, so it’s really amazing to have a pro on your team assuring you that you are doing the right thing – for your child and for your whole

Una, South Korea

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