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Lisa I cannot thank you enough for the difference you have made in our lives. Prior to working with you, Miss A (8 months) was being fed to sleep or rocked to sleep in the pram for every single nap and nighttime sleep. I was close to buying a pram just to live in the house!

Our nighttime routine would start around 6, but we couldn’t get her to sleep until 10pm and this generally involved us giving in and rocking her to sleep in the pram (for which she’d only last one cycle and then need to be fed to sleep and transferred oh so carefully into her cot). She would then wake every 2-3 hours and again need to be fed to sleep or rocked in our arms until she was asleep.

Along with these bedtime battles, Miss A usually fought both day naps and we were lucky for one to last longer than one cycle, and again relied on the pram or feeding her to sleep.

My husband and I were exhausted. I felt like I was failing my little girl who was so overtired and I just couldn’t give her the restful sleep she needed. We felt we had tried comforters, dummies, white noise, changes in light and temperatures….what were we doing wrong?! I followed you on Facebook for so many months and loved all your advice but simply couldn’t get it to work by myself. I was not comfortable with methods involving Miss A being left to scream herself to sleep and didn’t know what else to do!

Emailing you and organising our home visit has absolutely changed our lives, and that of our beautiful baby girl for the better. It has been 4 days since we saw you (only 4 days!!!) and already she is settling herself to sleep for two 1.5-2hour naps a day and her night sleep. Last night she went to sleep at 7pm after chatting to herself in the cot for a couple of minutes, and didn’t wake up until 7.45am! My husband and I were able to have dinner together at a reasonable hour for the first time in months!! Having you come into our home and make small but crucial suggestions to our routines and nursery was the perfect way to reset our little girl into a better and more restful life.

Thank you so much Lisa, from the bottom of our hearts. I already feel so much more in tuned to Miss A and can finally help her get the rest she needs to grow and develop into a strong little person.

Thank you…..xxxxx

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