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When rocking to sleep no longer works

When rocking your baby to sleep no longer works

When rocking to sleep no longer works

Lisa is my true angel sent from above. My daughter was exclusively breastfed, rocked and patted to sleep for 13 months. She had never been left alone until that point. However, it reached the point where our nights were endless. She would wake up 5 times during the night and would also stay awake for more than 3 hours. My husband and I didn’t know what we were doing so wrong… that’s when I decided to call Lisa. The day Lisa came to our house was the first day my baby girl slept though the whole night and has been sleeping though since then. She will sleep for at least 11 hours overnight and will have 2 naps during the day all in her own bed without any patting or rocking anymore. Lisa guidelines didn’t only help my baby to sleep but also helped us to have some time for ourselves. We are so much happier now and every moment we spend with our little girl is even more special. Thank you Lisa for changing our life! 


Daphne, baby Constantina aged 13 months

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