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I feel like we have finally turned the big corner!

I feel like we have finally turned the big corner!

Hey Lisa,

I feel like we have finally turned the big corner!! Max is consistently only having one feed through the night and is only unsettled once, if that, apart from that feed time. I’m not even tempted to offer milk at those early unsettles now as I’m confident he’s ok. I would have loved to have ditched the dummy, but again, I wasn’t quite up to it at the time so I will need to save that for another day. And I know it would have been easier a few months ago, as he is now starting to get attached to it!

I’m being careful to enforce that it is only for bed and one day we will get rid of it! We have also made a few gains with Charlie. Whilst I don’t think his day sleep is going to hang around for too much longer, we have been waking him by 2.30 regardless of when he falls asleep and this has helped the nights. He now heads into bed at about 6.45 to listen to a Dinosnore cd and is generally asleep by 7.15-7.30 and waking at 6-6.30. We have given him a groclock and he’s responded really well and is now waiting for Mr Sun to come up before he gets out of bed.

The other day he went into his room after lunch at about 12.15 and pulled his blinds, got his giraffe and hopped into bed. This is actually a first…he has NEVER put himself to bed. Good stuff hey👍 So Thankyou…I know I was pretty fragile when we first spoke…after months of chronic sleep deprivation I was not at all confident in my mum abilities. You were able to give me a gentle set of strategies to work with and kept stress to a minimum for everyone.

I’m still not quite feeling myself yet but can certainly see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel confident that I have the skills to tackle any sleep issues as they pop up…which I’m sure they will! Even though sometimes it seems like it would be easier to go hard and get it done quickly, you need to have a bit in the tank to do it, which I didn’t. The ‘small steps’ approach was exactly what I needed. My next challenge is to get a few other people to pop him to bed now and then!

I missed a family wedding last night as I just didn’t have anyone to step in…so this will become a priority one day soon:)

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