I attended your Bendigo workshop - Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne - Cherish Your Sleep
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I attended your Bendigo workshop

I attended your Bendigo workshop

Hi Lisa,

I attended your Bendigo workshop. On Sunday night after her not feeding herself to sleep I decided to start putting her to sleep without boob, 45 minutes later and a bit of crying she went to sleep. I just laid with her and shushed and patted.

I was so surprised at how well she took to it, I also decided to wean straight away as well and she hasn’t ask for the breast at all. The second day for her nap she went down like a charm, the second night she went down within 10minutes and slept for the whole night!

The third night she woke up in the middle of the night (her arm was out of her top) but was able to put herself back to sleep very quickly, tonight was an easy put down again and she is still asleep normally she has woken a couple of times since being put down.

My husband was able to get her to sleep for her naps the last two days and he was so happy.

Tonight she didn’t even want me to touch her just to lay next to her. Thank you so much for all your advice I feel like a different person with the world as my oyster and not being “tied” down so to speak and I am able to go out for dinner with friends without having to worry about getting home to put Chloe to sleep.

I have noticed the difference in Chloe as well she is taking in so much more and isn’t as cranky and is just a happier child! I feel like I’m getting too much sleep now haha!

Thanks so much!


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