FAQ - Baby Sleep Consultant Melbourne - Cherish Your Sleep
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Where are you based?

I live in Melbourne and do in house consultations in and around Melbourne but I have successfully helped families living interstate and internationally with my Skype consultations.

What method do you use?

I don’t believe that there is ONE SET METHOD that will suit every family, because every family has a different parenting style, a different baby and therefore different needs. I provide families with a number of options so that they are working with a strategy that makes them feel comfortable.

Will my baby cry?

Yes, they probably will. Babies cry for a number of reasons, particularly when you are changing what they know, they cry to communicate frustrations, hunger, tiredness and to heal from trauma, stress and anxiety. I don’t believe that there is any solution to sleep where a baby wont cry. To me this becomes about how we reassure your little one whilst they are adjusting to their new sleep routine.

When can my baby sleep through the night?

The million-dollar question. Most medical practitioners will say that as long as your baby is 6months, has doubled their weight, are on three established solid meals a day and are on par with growth and development, then they may be able to sleep through the night. Some babies do maintain one night feed overnight for a little longer and some mums want to keep one feed in overnight a little longer- personal choice. I work to ensure parents are given realistic expectations around sleep and their sleep plan.

Do I have to pay additional money to get support?

Once you have had your consultation and received your sleep plan, the first month of support is included in your consultation package pricing. If you feel you would like additional support, then you can purchase an additional month for $100 which will give you another month of email support.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us